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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ya Mon! Jamaica Fun begins

I’m not sure where to begin sharing?  The flight on the way down was packed! We flew first to Chicago and then to Jamaica on a different plane.  As the 6AM flight boarded, our flight crew was dressed just a little bit unconventional.  They were celebrating their 13th anniversary together as a crew.  (They don’t look that old, do they? I must have miss-understood.)  But that did set the mood for the trip! “Fun and Festive”
Photo by Trisha Field
Fun & Festive!
 Dale debated going or staying after hurting his lower back.  The doctors had done x-rays but didn’t get a chance to do an MRI.  He owns canes, crutches and a wheel chair.  I called and added “needs wheel-chair assistance” onto our tickets and we took the wheel chair with us.  It made the trip easier on Dale and it expedited our way through security, customs and immigration.

Photo by Trisha Field
What do you see in the clouds?

As we went over the ocean, there were some small puffy clouds; the ones that you can lay on the ground and look up at while you see bunnies, whales, turtles and other crazy things.  What struck me as funny was the way that they decorated the ocean with shadows.

Photo by Trisha Field
Ya Mon! It's Jamaica!

Jamaica welcomed us with a perfect day in the mid-seventies.  In their opinion, it was a bit chilly. 

Photo by Trisha Field
A beautiful day!
I will post more details about Jamaica.  I have 1755 photos to share stories about.  It is going to be a difficult time choose what to share!

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