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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Remembering Another Travel Game

It goes by many names: dots and boxes, boxes, squares, paddocks, pigs in pen, and square-it just to name a few.
The Box game
Whoever gets to fill in the fourth line wins the box and gets another turn in the game.  Sometimes you can get a large run in boxes and you win!

Photo by Trisha Field
West Texas from the sky
I remembered the game as I looked down out of the airplane.  It looked like someone was playing a mega-size game of boxes.  This was another thing from the airplane that you really could not tell what it was.  It created an interesting pattern.

Photo by Trisha Field
The Box game?

I did find out that the dots were oil wells and the lines were service roads connecting the multiple oil wells.  They are not necessarily named roads but more like paths through the dessert.
I love seeing and or learning new things, don’t you?

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