Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

To my surprise...

My refrigerator is almost always nearly empty.  I have just enough fresh food to make lunch for 3 days.  For a single person that eats a light lunch that isn't much food.  I cook most of my meals at Dale's house so when I buy groceries they go to his place.

I am not much for fruits and vegetables.  I know they are good for you and you need to incorporate them into your life, but I will buy two or three vegetables eat a few servings and toss the rest out.  But here I go, trying to get healthier food into my life.  My refrigerator is full for breakfast, lunch and snacks.  I found myself stunned this morning when I opened it up and it clicked in head how full it was. 

Photo by Trisha Field
Fridge of Plenty
I am slowly weaning myself off from diet coke.  I know from history that is something that you don't want to do cold turkey.

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