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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, November 30, 2013


Also referred to by some people as a spirit of oppression.  You know when you have a task to do but you do anything except that task.  (I stopped to open my mail for a couple of minutes.) The thought of doing the task makes you feel like you are weighted down by huge boulders. (Oh wait! This show is so good. - Commercial time.)

Well the reason that I didn't write yesterday was because I started something that I had been procrastinating doing for way to long.  I am a volunteer church treasurer for a small church.  They do an audit about every two years.  I get the offerings deposited timely and the bills paid on time.  But I really don't care for filing.  I didn't in my very first job after college as an accounts payable clerk and I still don't like filing.

Now to be fair, there were periods of time that I prepped the paperwork for filing.  I use self duplicating checks and the duplicate gets stapled to the invoice/receipt and filed in date order or check numerical order when there are several checks on one day.  I am here with 10 books of checks that I am working through matching up to the receipts and invoices. 

I am almost done.  Thank goodness.  I will need to call the auditor and set up a time for this week.  He lives about 20 miles away and luckily said that he can make it up any day this week.  - - I'm not done yet so writing this is allowing me to procrastinate just a little bit longer. 

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