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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Update Camera

You get two posts today!

Are you wondering if I found my camera?  Dale helped look and he didn't find it.  I asked my sister "if you were my camera where would you be?" Her answer was "in the clothes basket."  I diligently checked, and looked in a few other stacks of clothing sitting in my room and didn't find anything.

I ended up taking 3 hours vacation. My clothes basket is in my bedroom next to my bed.  It has been on my "to do" list to swap my summer and winter clothes and move a few storage boxes that I had to upstairs.  I attacked my bedroom and did fall housekeeping.  I found the camera in some clean clothes about 18 inches away from the clothes basket.

Over the weekend, I bought a new set of fleece sheets for the winter.  I took a photo to show everyone then set the camera on the stack of clothing.  In my typical A.D.D. fashion something distracted me and I went to the next thing on my mind.  The camera slid off from the stack of clothes into the shadows of the closet and sat there until I finally got time to put the clothes put away today.

Photo by Trisha Field
fleece sheets for winter
By the way Tabatha said, "I could tell I was wrapped up in clothing. I just presumed that it must be the laundry basket."  :^)

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