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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Stoney Creek Inn

I stay at a lot of hotels.  Here is a nice one.  It is not one of the top names but it is clean and well kept.  I actually appreciated the surround that looked like tile but wasn't really tile.  It was clean and not moldy.  There were a few upper class hotels that smelled moldy because of tile that wasn't kept well.
Checking out the new room.
Stoney Creek Inn was kept well and very clean.  They had the up North cabin motif.  In the middle of downtown Sioux City.  That was a little bit weird but not bad.
A skunk on my bed?
Every room had a different back woods critter with a note to take them to the front desk so they can go home with me. 

Lantern - look closely
The lantern caught my eye.  They had designed an element for the gas lantern that created a flame looking like Elk Antlers.
Even the flames were designed like Elk antlers
From a distance I thought they just looked strange.  Then I examined them up close.  Pretty cool.  The Bison was a bit freaky.  To me he felt out of place - but that was because he was standing on a type of shelf above our heads.
A Bison up above
Every time that I turned around, there was something else that was typical of being in a cabin or retreat center in Northern Minnesota.  So an elk head might be more Montana style or Rocky Mountain. 
An elk head on the fireplace
At the people level, is décor that is people safe like metal deer and fake trees.  The hotel is warm and welcoming.  Did I mention that under the Elk head was a nice fireplace?
Deer in the lobby.
The rooms were large, clean and comfortable.  One was a carbon copy of the other.  Even the artwork inside the room was identical in two of the rooms that I stayed in.  I suppose most people would not notice that but I stayed there a couple of weeks.
A giraffe on my bed?
All in all, if you are going to Sioux City Iowa, check out the Stoney Creek Inn.  It is a nice place to stay.  I was too busy to do more than just check out the pool.  It is an indoor/outdoor pool that you swim under a "waterfall" to get outside.  I wonder if it is open in the winter?

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