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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, October 18, 2013

Bulb time

It is that time of year. The flowers that bloom in the spring and grow from bulbs like crocus, scillia, hyacinth, daphodils, and tulips needs to be planted.  It has been raining every day I have off for a month now. With around 200 bulbs to plant, I need to get planting. 

It rained most of last night.  It is very cold and wet today. But I pulled the annuals that I had planted across the front of the bed in the spring.  The front corners are going to sport the taller hyacinths.  In a row between the circles of hyacinths are crocus and scillia.  That is all I planted today.

I still have 35 daphodill bulbs and the the cat litter box of I am guessing about 100 tulip bulbs to plant. The are talking rain and snow mix over the next three days. I have until the ground is frozen. I am pushing it this year.

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