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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hotels are funny

I travel a lot for business. Sometimes because no other rooms are available, I get assigned a handicap room. A few things about one particular room made me think.

This room in itself is an oxymoron.  There wasn't a standard closet. Instead, they had a pole going across at about four foot high.  As I put my long dress over the pole I thought "Don't people in wheel chairs wear long dresses?"

That thought passed as I went to take my shower I started laughing.  They had a shower head that was removeable but it was so high that I could barely reach it. For perspective I took a picture of the sink and toilet. 

Just a few more observations; if you are in a wheelchair, how do you reach the hairdryer and emergency phone?  For hotel soap and shampoo/conditioner, I liked the soap because it didn't have a sticky feel to it.

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