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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sometimes God blesses small and othertimes God blesses big!

I was told a week ago that my company was going to take everyone that wanted to go to Montego Bay, Jamaica instead of a Christmas Party this year.  Woo-Hoo!

Then they announced that we could bring a spouse or significant other with for a cost of $1000.  Which is about $500 less than what the cost would be at full price.  Dale and I decided that it was going to be tight but he would go with. 

Then I had a thought, a scathingly brilliant idea infact!  I asked if I could use my rewards points to pay for Dale's flight.  They approved that but to insure that we ended up on the same flights they recommended that I book both flights and they would reimburse me for my flight. 

Then I had another scathingly brilliant idea and I booked both flights using my rewards points.  When I am reimbursed for my flight at the price they are booking them at through the travel agency, Dale's hotel room at the all-inclusive resort will be covered and we may have a couple hundred dollars spending money. 

I consider this as a blessing from God.  It sounded like I was the only one who thought to ask about using rewards miles for the family member.  That thought had to come from somewhere and it was the furthers point from my mind!

So Lord, Thank you for moving the hearts around us and making it possible for us to travel to Jamaica this winter! And anything you can do to make sure the storms are clear in Minnesota and Chicago on the days we are flying would be greatly appreciated. AMEN!

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