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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Planning for leftovers

I went to Olive Garden for supper. I like their food.  But one serving is like a serving and a half and I am so tempted to over-eat.  Today, I decided to plan for leftovers. 

I ordered bruschetta for an appetizer and seafood alfredo with wheat noodles for the main coarse.  They always put enough salad and bread sticks on the table for plenty of leftovers.

Cell Photo by Trisha
A meal worthy of leftovers!
I stopped eating before I was full. The waiter packed up the leftovers in several small containers.  He was very conscience about making sure the food was seperated enough for later.  The bread fromthe bruschetta in one container; the mix was in another, the salad in a third, and the fourth contained leftover seafood alfredo.  Then I had dessert!

Cell Photo by Trisha
Miniature Chocolate Mousse
They have a buy one take one home (meal) for $12.99 a piece. But that is a crock. They only have 4 choices and they weren't as good as my choices.

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