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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Craving Udon

Udon is a Japanese soup with thick noodles.  We used to have Udon after church every Sunday in the winter when I lived in Japan. 

I went into the Tokyo: Japanese Steak House and Sushi bar because I knew they had Udon. They were busy and short staffed so they had me sit at the Sushi bar.  I ordered my Udon and waited and waited and waited some more. 

The Sushi Chef chattted. I found out that he was in his 40's, vietnamese, and his parents owned three Japanese steakhouses.  My Udon wasn't ready yet and I was drooling over the sushi.
He made me "crunchy sushi" the number one ordered sushi at the location including crab, shrimp, avacado, the seaweed was against the meat, the rice on the outside then it was rolled in a crunchy mixture. It was very good.

Cell photo by Trisha
Crunchy Sushi (all fish cooked)
My Udon wasn't ready yet so he cancelled the order and made me eel sushi.  Because I had been so patient he gave me a second serving at no charge.  I like a serving of eel but two is too much and it wasn't my Udon.

Cell Photo by Trisha
BBQ Eel Sushi
The sushi was fabulous...they were the styles with cooked fish for those who were wondering.  But it wasn't my Udon.  I decided to go back the next night and they had enough servers, enough chefs and I finally got my Udon and it too was delicious!
cell photo by Trisha
Udon! with a side of Tempura

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