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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, October 25, 2013

More leftovers????

Cell Photo by Trisha
Japanese Steakhouse, Volcano
Yes, I decided to hunker down for the weekend. So tonight the meal was at the Japanese steakhouse. Where they cook the meal on the grill in front of you.

Cell Photo by Trisha
Seafood Udon
I planned more leftovers.  I ordered Crunchy Sushi, Seafood Udon, and Steak Stir Fry.  The Stir Fry is served with a Japanese clear broth soup and a small Japanese salad.

Cell Photo by Trisha
Stir Fry before the meat
I ate the soup, the salad, about half of the udon, a bit of the stir fry and all the sushi. My leftovers are half of the udon and two-thirds of the stir fry. They added both soba noodles and fried rice.

Cell Photo by Trisha
Stir Fry after the meat was added

Cell Photo by Trisha
Crunchy Sushi
Now on a different subject, I got back to the hotel tonight and as I got out of my car I noticed a van with its dome light turned on. I put into my short term memory the make/model and plate number.  As I walked into the lobby, I saw a man and his son. I knew right away. I immediately said, "Sir, do you own a ______"
"Yes" he said patting the keys in his pocket.
"Your dome light is on."
After I put my leftovers in the fridge, I went to the pool just to see if there were a lot of kids swimming.  The family with the dome light was in there.  We chatted for a while. Come to find out they are related to some of the kids I went to high school with, she works in my home town and he works for 3M in a different town.
Sing with me, "It's a small world after all, it's a small, small world."

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