Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
Planning to give away a book or two!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Sensational Saturday

Every few days I file the calluses on my heals. After my surgery, I haven't been able to keep up. I  have a pedicure tub, but again with one arm I can't take care of it. Dale set it up for me and took care of it.
Ahh! A soothing soak
While I was soaking my feet, Sonjia got a massage from Dale. Misty Blue was waiting patiently for her turn.
Dobie Massage Time
Today I was given a special birthday / Christmas gift. I was given a 55-300 mm zoom lens.
That means I no longer need to borrow my sisters camera lens in order to get these fabulous close up photos.
Downy Woodpecker
These are the more common woodpeckers in our area.  my goal is to get a good closeup picture of the Pileated woodpecker that stops by the feeders early in the mornings.
Red-belly woodpecker

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