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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cold dogs

I almost titled this "The day in the life of a dog". But I didn't want people to think it was all about Dobermans. Early this morning Dale called. As he drove into work, the moon was streaming light in the shape of a cross with moon dogs off to the sides. I would have needed to go to the other side of the woods to get the whole picture. I'm glad that I chose not to walk across because the conditions changed so fast.
Moon dogs (on right side)
Sunrise came with sun dogs almost as large as the sun. I have a love/hate relationship with sun dogs. They are beautiful but they mean COLD and getting COLDER! 
Sun-dogs at Sunrise
By 9:30 in the morning the sun dogs had transformed into rainbow bright off to the sides.  I wondered if they ever totally circled the sun??????
Sun-dogs early morning
I went to my therapy appointment at 12:30. The sun was bright and high in the clear blue sky. At 3:20 when the dogs begged to run outside, I went with the camera. The clouds had rolled in at the horizon bringing back the sun dogs. 
Sun-dogs late afternoon
Yes, my 4 Dobermans were running outside in the cold. We weren't outside for more than 5 minutes at a time.
My dogs - Dobermans
A short time later, the sun was setting.  The sun dogs stayed with it to the end. My beautiful winter sunset that looks like a burning bush that never burns with blazing rainbows to the side.
Sun-dogs at Sunset
We lavished in a warmer than average November and now we are having January weather in December. Global warming? They taught me in school that Minnesota was covered by a glacier and it melted leaving all these lakes. That is a lot of warming that happened thousands of years ago. (....just saying).

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