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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, December 19, 2016

What a day!

...and not in a pleasant way. We woke up to a 66 degree house and the temperature dropping.  I  like to find something positive so I took a few minutes to appreciate the sunrise.
Sunrise 12/19/2016
My gas is scheduled to automatically be filled by the gas company. They were behind. My tank went empty. They got out to the place by 8 a.m. it still took an hour and a half to heat the house up again.

My special assignment at work is creating training videos for cost accounting. Everything went wrong with the software that I'm using. When it did go right, the dogs started barking or somebody would drive in.

My sister almost forgot to pick me up for my therapy. They added another series of exercises and they were very painful.

A friend of Dale's came out to locate the corner stakes of our property. By this point I had accumulated 2 hours with a break instead of my 1 hour as scheduled. I went back inside cold. To my dismay the furnace once again was not working. I called and the furnace man. He talked me through a reboot. But the furnace would not start;  that is until he went downstairs and did the same exact reboot.

There are just those days that you want over quick and never want to repeat. Today was one of those days!

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