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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, December 30, 2016

Travel day

In order for us to travel we have a couple of prerequisites. First we need to find somebody to stay with the dogs. Secondly we need to find somebody to take care of the rest of the farm animals. So with both of those taken care of and a house-sitter who is a dog sitter, we headed out onto the road.
Who is in the trunk?
I know it looks a little bit like somebody is shoved into the trunk. And I am sure at different times during the day both Dale and I wanted to put the other person in the trunk. But it's just luggage.
We are at wool not Cotton....
 We are going up to Dad's for the weekend.  My brother and sister are going up too. We were texting and sending pictures all the way up. My sister told me she was at Cotton. So I took a picture of my drop spindle and told her I was at wool.
...really we are here.
Then I took a picture of where we really were.
The long road up North
Northern Minnesota is a beautiful place to drive. I wish I could have taken a few more pictures. But it's too difficult for me to hold my cell phone still with my left hand and get a good photo.
...getting into Evergreen territory
Dale was driving which was nice because then I could enjoy the scenery. It was a traumatic drive but we made it.
Dale was driving - not me  :^)

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