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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, June 7, 2014

A test for the faithful

I am a volunteer treasurer for a small church.  The church conference has a residential high school.  There are work projects for the students to help pay for their tuition.

Our church members also agree to give $1,000 per student which is matched by the church.  The total is matched at the school.  So for the first $1,000 given the students are blessed four times over.

We received a call that the students were in need of extra financing.  One member was moved to pledge $200. It was stepping out in faith and waiting on the Lord. Before all of the pledges were collected, I received a call that the student earned more than anticipated and no more money was going to be needed. 

When the check came in, I privately gave it back to the donor.  It was an Abraham/Isaac challenge.  It was money that was being given out of great sacrifice.  God had tested and the donor was found to be faithful!

It made me wonder if there were times that I was tested and failed.  Or times that I didn't realize that I had been tested and passed?  I shared a while ago about stopping to give light to someone changing a tire about sunset.  It was something out of my comfort zone.  But because I stopped the tire was changed by the time the sleet and snow began falling.

We serve best out of our comfort zones.

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