Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, June 27, 2014


Yes, I am the owner of Doberman dogs.  If you believe the stereotype, they are vicious dogs.  Yup, ah ha. As you can tell, she is in high heaven standing between these three boys and getting petted.  I masked their faces because I didn't plan on posting the picture when I took it.
Cell photo by Trisha
Center of Attention
One of the boys is my nephew who has played with Duchess since she was a puppy.  Another boy would visit with Isaac every time that Duchess had puppies.  The boy with his arms around Duchesses neck was new to Duchess.  He got doggie kisses. 

Did you notice that Misty isn't in the picture?  Because that vicious girl was hiding behind me even though she was jealous that Duchess was the center of attention.  She periodically barked.  But all the boys needed to do was call her over to them and she ran for the house door.  The boys were hoping to play with both dogs during their visit.  Since that wasn't possible, Duchess got a double dose of attention. 

Yeah, I don't think Duchess minded the extra attention one bit.

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