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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sometimes you just wonder ...

I've been in a few minor accidents.  I've known people that have been in fairly major accidents. As I watch cars on the road,  I often wonder "What happened there? "
I need to admit that I often drive a little more cautiously around a car that is driving around with huge dents. I interpret that to mean they didn't have insurance coverage to fix it or that they have so many accidents they don't want to turn it in for repairs.
When I saw this red car drive by me I was definitely intrigued.  It didn't take long to see it was crumpled on every side. I could tell that because the car weaved back and forth between the traffic almost cutting a few people off. My mind had no problem filling in some details with creative license.
Cell Photo by Trisha
Stereotype of a Red Car - Fact or Fiction?
I figured they were driving wild on bad roads and rolled their vehicle.  I am not sure how else the outer shell could get crumpled on every side.  There wasn't any of the normal accident damage.  Lights were all intact, etc.
Am I being influenced by the stereotype of the "red car"? Maybe but their weaving  was the nail in the coffin.  If the shoe fits! ...

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