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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Girls N Grills

Photo courtesy of Russell
GIrls N Grills
It was a fine evening in Houston, Texas with the girls out sitting by the grill.  Taking the picture was our project manager.  He chose to accept the role of grill master and he did a very good job.
Photo by Trisha
Meat choices on the grill
Better than a noisy restaurant and still achieving the variety acceptable for everyone's taste buds.  The apps on smartphones are getting better by the day. I typed in "meat market" on my map app and the map was suddenly littered with dots.
One was on the road to the office.  We checked it out as we drove by the name was Hebert's pronounced "A bears". They had a Cajun specialty.  On the way back from work we stopped by and purchased our individual cuts of meat.  All their seasonings had bell peppers.  So they cut me a special piece.
Definitely a place worth visiting again. But with so many options,  it may be a while before we go back to the same place for a second visit.

Cell Photo by Trisha
Russell's steak Cabob with jalapeno peppers and wrapped in bacon
Russell chose slices of steak and jalapeno pepper wrapped together by a piece of bacon.  He also had a piece of filet mignon.  I was tempted to buy it but they only had pre-spiced pieces. Nothing without bell peppers.
Cell photo by Trisha
Steak, with bruschetta stuffed mushroom and bruschetta topped with balsamic vinaigrette

I chose a steak, I ate a part of it and saved the rest for later.  Deb had an extra stuffed mushroom (it was stuffed with a bruschetta mixture.)  Ironically, there was another version of bruschetta being served at the hotel in the free evening meal.  Deb also had a bottle of  balsamic vinaigrette that I was able to shake up and sprinkle over the bruschetta. It was an excellent meal. I did have a very small piece of rosemary bread.  
We all have different dietary needs.  Deb has a long list of food restrictions and they are opposite of mine. It is very difficult for us to eat out together in normal situations.  But we make it work.  
Cell photo by Trisha
Deb's high carb diet

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