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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

It's hump day

I don't think the commercial has that phrase trademarked.  But it is Wednesday today and the week is half over.
There is just enough clouds to create a spectacular sunset!
Gizem started the parade to see the people.  He is so needy.  If I am inside the pasture, he comes over right away.  Sometimes at full speed which is a bit scary.
The girls follow closely behind him.  It is so cute.  It doesn't take much to distract them.  OH! A patch of fresh green grass!
After petting Gizem, the sun had gone down enough for me to get a wide angle shot and still have the vibrant colors.  
Something was chewing the back of my coat!  Ah ha!  It was Danny the white donkey.  He came up behind me while I was watching the sunset.  Donny, the jealous young man pushed his way between us. 
For a short time, I walked in a circle trying to get a better picture of Donny.  That didn't work.  They followed me in a circle.  I tried to get a video but they were too close.  Now that is quite a change!  Before Donny went to Jeannie's for the summer, both donkeys would run away.  Now they are running to us (at least some of the time.)
As I walked out of the pasture, I noticed that the clouds to the Northeast were reflecting pink.  Doesn't that look beautiful with the red and orange trees in the foreground? 
The sun was set by the time chores were done.  I slow cooked the beef short ribs all afternoon with a seasoning rub.  I put a little bit of barbecue sauce over the top and finished them out on the grill.
We are almost out of beef from the first steer that we butchered.  We kept half a beef.  I think maybe this next one that we will need to clear out more freezer space and keep a larger portion.

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