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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, October 6, 2017

Fall (9/7/2017)

It seems like fall hit overnight. (Written 9/7/2017) We just mowed and the leaves are piling up on the ground.  I was tempted to pick up these perfect leaves and wax them.  Not this year. There is too much going on.  Obviously since it took me a month to share the pictures I took a month ago!
Another sign of fall to me is when the Sedum Joy begins to show its colors.
I thought that it was Monarch butterflies which were taking over the tops of the flowers.  
But they were really Viceroy butterflies.  If you look at the body, it looks more like a moth.  The monarch has a slick, long, black body.
It didn't matter to me. They were beautiful an I was blessed that they decided to feed on the nectar of my flowers.  
The Maples started changing colors earlier than normal.  I love the way the the brightest colors contrast against the blue sky then shade by shade transition down to the summer green.
The crab apple tree is almost down to fruit only.  It will provide food for the birds throughout the winter.

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