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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, October 22, 2017

I don't like basements

Especially in old farmhouses!  Spiders, spiders everywhere.  I tried to be a pacifist but they were invading too much of my house.  Time to take the house back.  A few weeks ago my sister and I created a non-toxic insecticide.  We used the following:
(20 drops of each Young Living oil in about 6-8 ounces of water)
I sprayed all of the spider webs, especially where I saw spiders.  Today as I was vacuuming I saw a lot of dead spiders in the webs.  I was able to vacuum up a few live spiders as well.  They must have run into hiding when I sprayed or were born after I sprayed.  I got about 80% of the basement completed.  I ran out of tolerance for the dark, dusty basement and it was time to do chores.
Stopping the spiders from their massive home invasion was only a portion of my purpose for getting rid of the spiders and spider webs.  
It is mouse time again.  I have put Young Living Purification on six cotton balls and placed them at key places in the basement where I think the mice can get in.  These areas are old windows or coal/wood chutes that have been filled in with foam insulation.  I couldn't get to them before because of the spider webs which went from ceiling to floor.  Aaaahhhhh! Creepy.

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