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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Dark chocolate and coconut

When I travel, I like to create my own trail mix containing, nuts, seeds and some dark chocolate.  The last time that I made these I found dark chocolate coconut balls which were a delicious mix. 
The store where I bought the nuts and seeds this time didn't have the coconut balls.  No problem, I'd make an alternate.  I started by taking a dark chocolate candy bar and carefully melting it.  Then I dumped in a bunch of coconut flakes and about 5 drops of  peppermint oil.
I put my stone server in the freezer for about an hour.  This helps the chocolate treats set up faster.  I also covered it with wax paper to remove them easier.  Then I dropped small amounts onto the wax paper.  I tried my best to get them consistent.  That didn't work too well. These are about the diameter of a penny.
I left enough in the bowl for an instant treat!  After all, what is cooking something good for if you don't get to lick the bowl.
In a gallon size baggie I mixed the seeds, nuts and banana chips.  Why do I always do that?  One of these days I will remember to add the banana chips to each bag.  They just don't mix very well.
Yeah, I made it worse by mixing the chocolate/coconut treats in the bag.  I overcame the issue by carefully packaging each snack bag with a few chips, a few sweets and a lot of seeds/nuts.
Once again, I had a few leftover.  It wasn't enough for a full bag.  I got out a cupcake liner and filled it with the final little bit.  Do I need to mention that there was several hours between cleaning out the chocolate/coconut bowl and eating the leftover mixture? But YUM!

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