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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

That still silent voice

The first time that I travel someplace is the most challenging.  It takes a trip to learn the unknowns.  I scheduled a return trip with a 38 minute layover. Okay for some layovers but wild for Atlanta. I had a gut feeling or still small voice of God whispering in my ear.  But I changed the first leg of my flight to one in the earlier part of the day.  My layover was about 3 1/2 hours.  But it all worked out for the best.  There was a bomb threat in the tower, planes were delayed, diverted and canceled. My incoming flight would have been affected.
I was flying out of Monroe airport with 6 gates. With the change of flights my luggage no longer was tagged through to Minneapolis.  I was told get there 3 hours early to make sure it was taken care of.  I went 2 hours early and the ticket counter, luggage drop counter wasn't open yet.  
Each airline had 1 gate with 3 or 4 flights in/out per day.
The entire airport shut down between morning, afternoon and evening flights.
Don't go through security if you are hungry.  All they have to eat is from this vending machine.  
It is a good thing that I like diet coke because that was all that they had for a vending machine.
When I got to Atlanta, I noticed that they had a lot of  Delta service counters.  There seemed to be a constant line.  It wasn't until I was on my flight that I found out about the bomb threat.  My flight between Atlanta and Minneapolis changed gates and the plane was larger than planned.  I realized that the people in line were trying to straighten things out after a missed flight or connection due to the tower being shut down.
There was plenty of entertainment.  This man was entertaining the masses playing Jazz.  
I had to laugh!  So many times throughout the airport people rushed and pushed to get by only to get caught behind an immovable person.  The man on the left pushed by me.  Didn't he see the guy in front of me was taking up the entire width of the escalator? 
As I was trying to find a restaurant, I noticed the beautiful sunset.  I took the time to do a "Facebook  Live" which means the photo wasn't taken at the peak but it is still beautiful.  It was a long travel day.  But for several fellow travelers the one day of travel became two.

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