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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Bayou 2 from Waterfront Grille

Tuesday night we went to supper at the Waterfront Grille.  Although I took photos of my delicious food there, the real reason that we chose this restaurant was for the dazzling view.  There were popcorn showers in the area.  You can see one building in the distance. 
 The scattered clouds only increased the natural beauty in the Bayou. 
 It didn't matter which direction that I turned the rays from the sunset combined with the scattered clouds and Cypress trees growing in the water created an amazing beauty.
There was a tree close enough to the dock to take pictures of the seed pods in the trees.  It made me wonder.  When the seed pods fall in the water below, can a tree grow? 
 The storm clouds seem to grow for awhile.  The sunset hitting the side of the cloud making it look like a mushroom.  I guess this is a good mushroom cloud. (To my knowledge no storm hit the area.)
Straight across the Bayou are a few traditional docks.   They don't look well kept up or beautiful but they definitely fit into the area.  In a special way, they called a person.  I wanted to go sit on those docks.
 There was a turtle on a log off to the side.  At the same time, there were three old style candy machines filled with pellets.  I found out as we left that those were there for you to purchase turtle food and there were really dozens if not hundreds of turtles that lived in the waters at the edge of the dock.
A typical "Trisha" picture ... just a little bit crooked.   The sunset on the Bayou.
 Is that a tornado or a UFO landing on the Bayou?  You decide!  Wha-ha-ha
God Bless America!  It is truly a beautiful country. 

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