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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hay old day

So what is your guess? How many bales  will be in the field?  I'm sorry! It has been SO busy.  This was two weeks ago. I started writing this post and everything happened at once.

We had to get the bales put away before the predicted rains started falling. He planned it with enough days between the cutting and baling to allow the hay to dry.
The day that he actually baled the hay, I received a call that dad was going to have surgery. Right after work I started stacking bales.  I was able to get 41 bales off the pasture before I lost daylight.
That was half of the bales.  82 in total for this cutting.  Some of them were too loose.  We got them off the field and under cover before the rain hit and before I left for dad's place up North.

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