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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Purple Martins - What's for supper?

I am surprised that we can take the nests up and down, pull off the sides and look inside and moments later the parents are back to feeding the babies.  In case you are wondering, purple martins eat dragon flies.
Daddy brings a dragonfly
 It is fascinating watching the birds quickly slide in and out of the house.  Other times they hang onto the front and pop their heads inside.
Daddy feeds dragonfly to kids over mom's shoulder
 If you want to see how good we have it in life, just look at how hard these parents work to feed their children.  I'm close to a mile away from the Sauk River. These birds fly back and forth to the prime feeding ground in order to feed their children.
Tag team - feeding is difficult work!
 Below you can see the baby birds beak in the entrance of the door.  Their mouths must actually get smaller as they get older.  Isn't that interesting?
Hurry back mom!
 The purple martins sit so proudly on the top of their homes.  They don't get bothered too much when I walk down there but the dogs running by disturb them a bit.  I know, I move a lot slower than my Dobermans.  I am not making as much noise as I'm going by either.
Song and Dance

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