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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, July 22, 2016

Poor kitten

July 6th mama kitty brought her litter in from their hiding spot in the wood pile.  There were two full size kittens a runt and in a different spot I found a mostly eaten kitten by a dead rat.
About 15 days ago the runt disappeared.  I didn't know if the mama moved it or if something got into the bottom of the cage and took it? But why just the one? 
Doing chores the other evening I got part of my answer. Sitting in the brick wall (where the other litter had fallen) was the runt. It was meowing and it's eyes were matted shut.
I cleaned it's eyes and brought it back to mama and siblings.  They were all happy again. Then the next morning,  hiding behind the kennel was a light color kitten. I mistakenly thought that it was the older kitten.  It's eyes were a bit matted and I wondered what it had gotten into this time.
Then I saw the older kitten playing across the barn and realized that the light colored kitten must have also spent some time trapped in the wall. They are safe now. But what a trama those kittens must have gone through! 

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