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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Eye spy

...a temptation. I am trying to post and it keeps failing this is a test. The test didn't work and it took me almost three days to make this post.  There is something going on with my mobile APP for Blogger.  But back to what I really wanted to share.  I saw this stump and the growth on it and there was an immediate temptation.
Here is an eye catching sight
 I stopped by Hobby Lobby.  Their fairy garden section was pretty picked over but maybe because it is so late in the season. That didn't matter.  There were still enough items to choose from for this project.
Original choices
 There was a whole group of toads or frogs.  I am not sure which but they are cute.  There there was a whole group of Gnomes also.  But WAIT!  This is a fairy garden and not a Gnome garden.  So I resisted loading up on the cute Gnomes.
Gnome riding toad
 The intent was to do this as a surprise.  When I got home, I took everything out of its package and prepared it for installation.
Final choices
 My nephew came over to butcher chickens.  Knowing that his girlfriend was not going to be outside when we got there, we made our way over to the backyard and installed the fairy garden. The Gnome and toads/frogs are on the top and the fairy is under cover.
New Fairy garden around tree stump
We had fun adding to the natural beauty that God had created from this rotting tree stump that no one got around to cleaning up.  The moral of the story is "if you don't get around to it then you can get around to something different."  Eye spy a beautiful fairy and a friendly Gnome.

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