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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, July 22, 2016

Soar to new heights

In order to get the pictures of the purple martins in flight, I need to be taking pictures on a sunny day.  My camera has the feature that is designed for sports photography.  It sets the camera at settings that stop motion.  Then I put my camera on continuous and hold the button down.  When reviewing the pictures it almost looks like a movie.
Coming in with a dragonfly
Looking at the shots of this bird coming in for a landing, it is amazing that our large airplanes can manage to land.  Look at the way the back portion of the body is curving downward to control it's descent.
Adjust those flaps
It also amazes me to see the flexibility of the wings.  They go from all the way forward to straight back behind the body. The camera has caught the extreme positions but as you watch them they move so fast that you don't see that much movement.
Landing gear down
A perfect landing every time. Well almost every time.  I see them fly over when there is too much activity on the ground or too many birds already perched on top of the houses.
Another safe landing

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