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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Bird Watching

This looks a little more like people watching. I have taken some fun shots while bird-watching.  I've separated them into several groups: general bird watching, birds in flight, baby birds, and black and white birds.  I will be sharing the photos over several posts.
I'm watching you!
 Since this picture was taken, yet another shepherds hook was added.  We have another one being repaired.  With the variety and quantity of birds, that we have out here we have multiple feeders for each type of feed.
Bird feeders
 It surprised me when I looked up and the blue bird was flying from feeder to feeder checking out what is going on.  They normally eat bugs and worms from the yard.  I've never seen them check out the feeders in the window.  It actually tasted a little bit of the grape jelly.
An oriole and blue bird
 In the picture below, this female was checking everything out.  Her obvious curiosity was fun to watch.
What's that up there?
 The orioles love roosting on the tops of the shepherds hooks.  They will wait patiently before going to the feeder if another is feeding.
 When they don't roost on the shepherds hook, I can see them roosting in the tree nearby.  I haven't seen any of their nests.  I would not be surprised if they aren't in the trees down by the river.
 I think this is a young oriole.  Possibly a male.  The feather colors are somewhere between the dull female colors and the bright male colors.
 I keep the top of the window pulled down a bit when I'm sitting by the window so that I can hear their beautiful song.  I'm not sure if they are singing thanks or if they are calling others to the food.  But they have a beautiful song.
Oriole singing to us
For many years watching fish swim was considered one of the most relaxing events.  If you've never had bird feeders out your window, you need to try it.  Watching the birds is also a very relaxing time.

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