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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Purple Martin Parents

Hey there human.  Whatchya doing?  I am not sure if this was a mama or a yearling female.  But she sat a long time on top of the nest watching me.  Isn't she adorable?  This is the first of several posts showing updated pictures.  
Hey there human. Whatchya doing?
Both the mother and the father take turns watching over and feeding the babies.  Although they fly away when I walk down to the pool area (near the houses), they quickly come back.
Peek-a-boo Purple Martin
They are very dedicated parents as they fly back and forth to the river continuously.  How do I know that? Because they eat dragonflies which are found for the most part down by the riverside.
Feeding Frenzy
The next picture is not a Purple Martin. It was a baby sparrow sitting in the bush that is outside of my kitchen window.  It was so cute there waiting for the parent to come by and feed it.  I saw the mama come by.  It spotted me and flew into the nearby lilac tree.  So I stepped away from the window.

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