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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, July 8, 2016

Baby Birds at the feeders

Watching at the end of June, I noticed that the baby orioles were old enough to fly.  They followed their parents to the feeder and waited to be fed.  
A majority of the time it is the father feeding the babies. If only the babies would cooperate and not change locations continually. 

The stages went from the babies flying near the feeder to onto the feeder and now for the most part, they feed themselves.
I am also surprised to see how they can pick up jelly and carry it like it is solid.
It is interesting to see how the babies are less fearful than the parents.  They will sit in the same spot for the longest time.
Eventually the parent returns with a mouth full of food.  I think this is a baby girl.
This would be a baby boy.  With over 12 parents and their offspring,  is there any wonder why we are going through about a pound of jelly a day?

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