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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Trailer time

We had a very active morning.  My nephew picked me up and headed out of town. I had the opportunity to get a horse trailer. It needed to be moved within 60 days. We haven't had too much snow yet this year but that could change at any time.
Trailer Time
Even with the small amounts of snow, two sides of the trailer were drifted in.  We had do dig ourselves back to the trailer.  Then we had to used a jack to lift the trailer up because it was frozen to the ground.  To top things off, one tire was totally flat and had settled into the ground.  The we doing all the work was my nephew.  Thanks Nickolai! 
Digging our way in .....
Dad had a portable air compressor that he hooked up to his car battery and when we were at a clear and level spot, we pumped up all of the tires on the trailer.  They held the air well enough to get it home but several of them will need to be replaced. After a few repairs, we will have a working horse trailer.
Portable air compressor

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