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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Easter Tree

My mother and I used to cut a branch off from a lilac tree many weeks before Easter. We had made these ornaments out of Styrofoam eggs, Easter napkins and ribbon. It is challenging finding a good branch. It needs to have many smaller branches and a lot of buds.  
Easter Tree
Being in a new place, I'm not certain but this looks to me like a mature lilac tree.  There are a lot of suckers coming up at the base. I carefully chose one that looked like it would work.
Lilac Trees
The branch will be put into a vase full of water.  The warmth of the house and the water will promote an early blooming.  Just like the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Son of God, opens the door to a new life the blooming branch of the Easter tree give the promise of a new season.
Chosen Branch
I don't know if this will work with any other kind of branch. But it does work with lilacs branches.

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