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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, February 18, 2016

A tasty frozen treat

This would have been healthy if I had a healthy milk option.  I'd seen something similar on Facebook.
2 bananas
Blueberries/ strawberries/ raspberries
Dark chocolate
2 frozen bananas
I had two frozen bananas so I put them into the food processor.  I made two batches: blueberry and raspberry. I dumped in about a cup full of berries.
1 cup raspberries
Then I put in some dark chocolate. Not much but enough to add a bit of flavor. 
Looks delicious just like this!
The recipe called for a dash of almond milk but all I had in the house was chocolate milk. Since I've already added some dark chocolate, I chose to use a dash of chocolate milk. 
Don't forget to add a splash of of milk
I used my food processor to blend it together and chop up the chocolate bar at the same time. 
banana-raspberry and chocolate blended together
I used snack size baggies to create 4 single serving frozen fruit treats. You can also use small paper cups and a toothpick to create a popsicle form.
Raspberry treat before freezing
Blueberry frozen treat

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