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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, February 22, 2016

Forever inprocess ....

Tea Time by Jeanette Field
Part of my time being laid off I have been unpacking boxes. I came across this almost done wall hanging that my mother cross stitched before she passed away. She was making it for herself.  She had made Christmas stockings for each of the grandchildren. Since I never had children nothing was made for me. I was excited to find this wall hanging but it needed an acknowledgment that it wasn't done and it was made by mom.
In memory of my mother, Jeanette Field
I found a perfect frame for it. It was a good combination of tea party delicate and country rustic. The two combinations that mom and I share.
The Princess Corner
It looks perfect hanging above the tea party doll. I know that I unpacked the china tea set.  I put it in a safe place until I was ready for it.  (I'll find it again some day. Hopefully soon!)

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