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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, February 15, 2016

Scissor Fetish?

I admittedly have several fetishes: pens, pencils, rubber stamps, etc. Basically I force myself to stay out of the office supply department of stores. We have a drawer that we keep all of the scissors in.  The markers were in here too but I decided to move most of them out of there.  You will see why in a little while.
Scissor and marker drawer
I have my own stash of scissors in my office.  Sometimes they wander downstairs simply because I get office supplies in my hands and forget that I'm carrying them.
More scissors ....
I guess that I know Dale and I are a good match when he brings home a new set of 5 scissors when we have a few drawers full already.  This time I am not the one responsible for the excess......for a change.
...not sure what to say

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