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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Exploration of Frost

I hope that you are enjoying the beauty of the frost.  I can't wonder if we will have more tomorrow.  It is so warm this afternoon. Well it is pushing 40 degrees.  The little bit of snow that we have is melting pretty fast.
Frosty Pine
I find myself looking at these pictures for hours.  Absorbing the various parts of the photo.  The natural color, the different levels of frost and then I thought to myself, I wonder what it would like if I had taken the pictures in black and white.
Frosty Pine
Isn't technology something?  With digital photos, you can change a photo from color to black and white with a setting after the fact.  I have to admit that I played around with the vignette effect also and I think that I'm going to print one with a in black and white with a white vignette.   But my playing with more effects will need to wait for a different day.
Black and White version of Frosty Pines
I have a few more unique photos to share.  I am not sure what flower this was but it caught my eye. The way that the frost came out in a star shape from the tips of the dried flower.
The tree that is over the water fall has a very unique branch structure.  The tree had been trimmed at one point in the past.  This lone branch seemed to grow long and thick frost crystals all the way around it.
Branches frost over too .... 
I was curious about the seed pods.  I walked around the house to the lilac bushes and found a branch with seed pods on it.  Maybe it was because it was on the other side of the house, but the frost crystals were smaller and fewer.  But that didn't mean that it wasn't beautiful and mesmerizing in its own special way.
Frost and Lilac Seed Pods

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