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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wild Women of Watkins

We were walking in the path and evidentially that I was going to slow.  Because the girls would get up just around the corner and suddenly they were bolting back towards me.  
Grandma! are going to slow (we had to come back)
The three caballeros are seen time and time again dashing to and fro through the forest.  I was nice and didn't show you any of the shots that were three butts lined up in a row. Although there have been many times that I have wished that I could get that same shot with their heads facing me! 

A warm day after the snow!
When getting close to the walk that day, they took their turns staying by me.  One would stay close while the other two ran off to play.  It is fun watching them enjoying their time outside.  Many times, I wished that I lived out in the country near a woods of my own for the girls to play in.  But when I lived in Wisconsin (with my ten acres of woods) I didn't dare walk through the woods because of the bears.

Duchess waiting for the babies

I laughed when I saw Sonjia coming back to me with her nose covered in snow. She had been out in the woods rooting through the snow.  Not just once but time and time again.  She was having a very good time!
Rutting in the snow (see Sonjia's snoot?)
When we got back to the house, Misty curled up on her bed and was out cold (or should I say warm because her bed is about three feet from the heat register.)

Misty Blue Tuckered Out
Duchess and Sonjia chose the people bed as their own. This bed is also close to the heat register.  These three girls are very, very smart!  ....and I am a bit prejudiced but I'd say they are also very beautiful too!

Duchess and Sonjia resting after running

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