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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Now how do we get there?

A lesson for life about following the directions and finding your own way. My brother, Troy and sister, Tabatha are with me this week in Las Vegas. The Cosmopolitan hotel is literally built into back of our hotel, the Jockey Club resort.

We are on our way to the Grand Canyon. It is a long trip and we had to be at the bus pickup point at 6:35 AM.  Everything here seems so close but usually ends up so far away. We gave ourselves 30 minutes to find the Cosmopolitan main valet area.

The other day we found a two sided elevator.  Two floors serviced the Jockey Club and two floors serviced the Cosmopolitan. We took the elevator instead of walking to the front and around. We were hoping that it would provide a shortcut. Up one floor we made our way to the main valet area. When we arrived we were directed to some benches at the side.

As soon as we sat down, we realized that if we would have turned left outside of our hotel room instead right that we would have arrived in two minutes. In the picture below the black railing provides a safe walkway to the entry of the Jockey Club. By not seeing the big picture ahead of time we added additional time and walking onto our trip.  

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