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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Oops! can I vs may I

At the KA theatre at MGM the ushers were in costume.  Similar to the Renaissance Festival, your participation will enhance the performance.  I saw the performance ring set up outside and I really wanted a picture of myself in it.  Often times, these are set up with a don't touch policy. So I asked permission.  But I allowed my grammar to slip and I asked "Can I?" instead of "May I?"
Can I take my picture up in the ring?
I knew my error when I received a non-verbal response.  This charming young man began jumping to make sure that the structure was going to be sturdy enough for both of us to stand upon.
I mean "May I?"
When we started posing for the picture, he leaned away and started playing with the hat that I was wearing.  I had borrowed a hat from my sister so that I would not get a sunburn in the part of my hair when we rode on the top of the bus earlier in the day.
This won't do! Your hat is covering your eyes.
I didn't realize until it was too late.  But his first pose was a set-up for a fake kiss. Darn! I missed that shot.  Our faces are washed out from the bright lights but I have a fun photo.
Smile honey! You are next to me ;^)
Then it was Tabatha's turn.  We switched places and he had to play with her hat before they officially posed for the picture.  During this whole time, we were bantering back and forth like you would with one of the actors at the Renaissance Festival.
Another hat to adjust
Since you are not afraid to put your heart into the performance, there is no doubt that you will enjoy it.  It did not disappoint!  KA was fabulous!
Enjoy the performance!
I have many other things from my Las Vegas trip that I will be sharing.  There was so much to do and see that there really wasn't time for extensive gambling.  You have to put a bill in the machine to say that you did it.  But, I guess spending a lot of time on the machine isn't a priority for me.

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