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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Stevia with Maltodextrin

The learning curve has hit again. I have found several fabulous recipes that I have shared with you.  I also found this product of white stevia powder. I did my due diligence and checked the label.  No carbs. Good, right?

Lately my blood sugar levels have jumped up a bit as well as my weight. I  needed to investigate. Was it caused by the coconut flour or the powder stevia?

After reading the label, I  saw that it had maltodextrin added.  Maltodextrin has many different bases including corn, rice, and other grains.

As I  looked online there were a few small studies that brought up concern that maltodextrin was actually worse for diabetics than sugar. There were also indications that maltodextrin can cause weight gain.

Today I called Good Food Coop to request that they put up a warning "not safe for diabetics".  They agreed to talk to the manufacturer and get back to me about what the manufacturer says about the product. After all it is being marketed to have negligible carbs when it is having a significant impact on my blood sugar. 

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