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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A whole lot of hype ...

When I got up this morning it was still snowing. There was barely enough snow on the ground to make it white. About an hour into the work day, I saw BIG fluffy flakes coming down outside.
Let it snow, let it snow
I stuck my arm outside and caught a couple flakes.  What I found out was that the snowflakes were grouping together as they fell down.  So instead of a snowflake falling, about twenty of them would drop on my shirt together.  Someday, I want to catch a snowflake on a cold slide and take a very close-up photo of it.  I really want to see the details of the fluffy snowflake.
Snowflakes on my arm
We ended up only getting about two inches of snow.  Dale took the four-wheeler with the plow down the sidewalk right before the clouds cleared. It was cold and the wind picked up causing drifts all over the place.  But even with the cold, the sunshine was enough to melt off the thin layer of snow from the sidewalks.
Spring sunshine breaks through the snow :^)
Normally by this time of year, I am so sick and tired of snow.  But this year I am feeling deprived.  I have to admit that today, I walked outside twice to shovel snow and let the dogs run in the yard.  Dale picked them up mid-day and took them out into the country for a run.  I actually miss being "snow bound".  Although with my current job when I'm not traveling, I can play wimpy and just say, "I'm not leaving the house today."
Letting the sun do it's work
I have lived in Minnesota most of my life.  Today was a lot more hype than actual storm.  Yes, the snow was blowing and drifting.  But, it was nothing compared to a real heavy duty storm.

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