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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Almond filled banana treats

I saw on Pinterest a recipe for frozen peanut butter banana treats dipped in chocolate.  It looked good but I immediately thought that I could make it just a little healthier.
2 bananas
1/2 orange
almond butter
homemade chocolate sweetened with vanilla bean liquid stevia

I started out by slicing an orange in half and juicing it.  Then I added a bit of water.  

Sliced bananas in citrus water
I sliced the bananas into about a centimeter slices and dropped them into the citrus water for a quick bath before putting them onto the drying tray.  You can use either an orange or a lemon it will help to stop the banana from turning dark brown.
Drying banana slices
....It also helps the cinnamon stick to the banana.  I only put cinnamon on one side.  Since the banana is a high glycemic index fruit, I decided to offset the effect by adding cinnamon.
Dried banana chips with cinnamon
After the bananas had dried into chips, I added a dob of home made almond butter between two banana chips (cinnamon towards the almond butter.)
Making banana chip almond butter sandwiches
I dropped my cacao beans in the food processor and let them blend until they were liquid.  I added liquid stevia to taste.  I prepped a plate with plastic wrap so that the chocolate would not stick. Then I dipped each sandwich halfway into the chocolate.  I tossed it for a few minutes into the freezer to quickly set the chocolate.  There is a limited time frame that the chocolate in the food processor will stay liquid.
banana almond butter sandwiches half dipped in chocolate
The other half was dipped into chocolate and allowed to set.  That was the most difficult part of making these.  Letting them set until the chocolate was hard.
Finished treats
It called my name "Trisha! eat me!"  Sometimes you just need to listen.  It was delicious and very filling.  Enjoy the treat!
What can I say, it called me to try one!

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