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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sadly disturbing

Sorry for sharing this today.  But I am flabbergasted and totally disturbed with the total lack of respect that people have for public areas.
This afternoon we took the girls down by the lake. On the way in Dale noticed some cans scattered along the edge of the road. He only had one spare bag in the back. So while the girls ran hitherto we walked along the edge of the road.  Dale ended up with about 1/3 bag of cans.
bag of cans
This road is one of two public landings.  So it is people who are most likely going onto the lake fishing then dumping their trash on the way to the main road. I just want to scream "Having this place is a privilege!  Show some respect!"
run off is starting to flow in the stream
The snow is melting and in the next few days the stream will begin flowing into the lake. The sun and the wind will eat away the thick ice.  Today we were able to drive across the lake. In the short time of a week, we will see significant changes in the  ice covering the water.
Someone marked this spot
Last drive across the lake for the season

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