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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, November 16, 2012

A Serious Blog & Turkey Bowling

I have been told that the most popular blogs are between 300-800 words.  I am sorry, mine are between 30-400 words.  Does that count?  Most of the time, I have been posting the blog from my cell phone.  I did not have internet until a few weeks ago but now I have the internet. The problem will be finding time after work to actually get signed in and writing a note.  To top that off, I am trying to finish my next Novella “The Man I Was” by next spring.  Now that I have internet at home, I am going to attempt to provide a better blog.  Please feel free to give me feedback. I’d love to know which blogs you like and which ones are total duds. (131)

This blog is not really all that serious.  I am going to put together several paragraphs.  Some of them maybe totally unrelated.  At the end of each paragraph, I will show you the running word count of the blog to that point. Note I did not say the total number of words for that paragraph.  (187)

A new beginning workout or what they lovingly refer to as exercise.  YUK.  But, I am trying to do it anyways.  I am not sure why I need to because I rarely sit still.  I’m sure that I’m driving the other students in class crazy with my almost constant movement.  I am trying to step it up just a bit.  So three times this week, I’ve done a 15 minute intensive workout on the treadmill with a 5 minute cool down.  Then I’ve gone to the pool for a 20-30 minute aerobic workout followed by 10 minutes in the whirlpool.  Tonight I realized, there is a sauna too.  So I sat a few minutes in the sauna but the guy in there before me put too much water on the stones and it was very hot and steamy.  I have a treadmill and Wii at home.  Somehow I need to be dedicated enough to keep it up there. (346)

Good eats!  I’m in training at Microsoft Fargo Headquarters this week.  They have a cafeteria with at least a half dozen stations with various choices healthy and not so healthy choices.  Running down the center is a salad bar that exceeds any other salad bar I’ve ever seen.  Today I chose a bison burger with sweet potato tots.  I am hoping that is reasonably healthy.  One thing I have found unique is that there are free drinks (non-alcoholic) available all day long including milk, juices, coffee, pop and as always water.  (438)

Cell phone photo by Trisha Field
Turkey Bowling

Cell Photo by Trisha Field
More Turkey Bowling
I promised you Turkey bowling.  In the cafeteria today we heard “whomp! thump, thump, thump, thump, tst, tst, tst, tst.” It was a frozen turkey in an empty sand bag.  The coordinator had taped together (with duct tape) 3 sheets of plywood.  A plastic covering was over the plywood.  Bales of hay were set up around the edges to keep the Turkey from flying all over the cafeteria.  The “bowlers” would grab the top of the bag and swing their arm in the same way someone would holding a bowling ball.  Except this was anything but round and the delivery to the ten pins had the potential of being totally out of control.  Then again, that is the fun of it.  (563)
I have never personally Turkey bowled.  But it looked so fun!  I’ve seen it advertised usually before Thanksgiving.  An unusual sport but I could tell by watching the employees around the bowling lane that it was a good stress reliever.  And the competition was unbelievable.  Part of the competition was choosing a team name.  “The Champions” were the team bowling while I was watching.  They were the defending champs.  They won in 2010 which was the last time this event was held.  I heard one of the guys brag as he walked away, “I hope they will let me hold both years trophy’s when they take my picture.”  They were ahead and only a few more teams to bowl.  One guy nearby was even wearing a kilt.  Now, I’m not sure if that had anything to do with the competition. I was already going to be late for class and didn’t think it was wise to stand around just to find out. (726)
I don’t know about you; but, I think an 800 word blog is just a little bit wordy.  I’ll stick to something a little closer to 300 words especially for and my A.D.D.  Is it obvious that I can’t stay on one topic for that many words in a row?  Except for when I am writing my Novella. ;^) Maybe that is why I only write for a few hours at a time. (799)

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