Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sweet Suite

The week has been so busy that I haven't written much.  I have had class every day from 8AM to 6PM.  Today we went until 8PM!  The instructor ended up in the ER Monday night. I felt so bad for her.  She went home after about 2 hours on Monday and was gone on Wednesday.  As students Tuesday we did online "e-learning".  On Wednesday we had an instructor connect by phone and e-meeting. 

It has been a strange week.  We are still a little bit behind. And my brain????? Yeah, it is hurting.  I am studying an ERP (enterprise resource planning) software.  I have been workin.g ith various ERP software programs for about twenty years now.  This time I am learning it to the details of the Nth degree!

When I got here I was a bit shocked! This suite is sweet!  I think it is almost bigger than my first apartment.  But that apartment didn't have maid service. The week is almost over.  It is time to go home tomorrow.

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