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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

What day is it?

Wednesday? No, Thursday. 
Is it the 27th? 28th? No it is the 29th! 

Oh wow! Where has this week and for that matter this month gone? 
Okay, so I know where mine has gone.  I am at the end of week 3 of a 4 week very intensive training program.  We got a week off for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  I used that time to study and take my Finance certification (I passed! YEAH!) and to take my boyfriend to a doctor’s appointment for his heart.  The last half of the week we visited with family for the holidays and ate WAY TOO MUCH FOOD! I am glad to say that so far I have not gained any weight due to the holidays.  (I’m not losing any either.)

The Christmas party for my work is going to be held in Omaha, Nebraska this year with a business meeting the next morning.  I am so excited.  It will be the first time that I meet most of my co-workers.  We are scattered across the US.  I’ve only met the few that were in the home office when I flew to Kansas City, Kansas for my interview.  I was planning transportation.  I live about a six to six and a half hour drive from Omaha.  If I were to fly, I would have a few options
One airline has a direct flight about $915 dollars for an hour and a half flight.  NOT

For about $775 I can fly from Minneapolis to Chicago; run across the airport like a wild woman hoping to make my connecting flight, and then fly from Chicago back to Omaha.  By the time that I figure my drive to the airport, pre-arrive time to go through security, flying the wrong direction and back again, and lay-over time it would be over 8 hours to get from my place to the Christmas party.
Weather isn’t a factor (for the decision process).  If the winter weather is too bad to drive, it is too bad to fly.  I think my new company would have paid the nearly $1000 to fly to the party; I would rather drive and save the company the money.  Maybe then in the future, I will get a bigger bonus.

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